Solar Power Eco-Development Engineering Questions

I’m deliberation integrating solar appetite systems as good as components in to an eco-development here in Costa Rica. you have the little questions in sequence to check for these systems:

I cant establish if you need the “grid-tie” complement or an “off-grid” complement. you hold you need tools from both, or the “hybrid” complement. you wish to suggest solar appetite as the standalone complement with the vast battery backup which utilizes the solar appetite until the batteries have been tired. When there is no appetite left from the batteries, it would automatically switch to internal appetite association, usually as the backup. It is puzzled which the internal government-controlled appetite association would emanate credits for “selling appetite behind to the grid”, so the “grid-tie” complement as shown upon your packages would not work. The appetite from the solar panels would have to track in to the vast battery bank, not behind to the grid. It is additionally opposite from an “off-grid system” in which, if burned out, the complement would need to automatically switch to internal appetite source.

This solar appetite complement would need “pure sine wave” inverters – able of provision appetite to any customary apparatus as good as the supportive industrialisation carry out complement with touchscreens in the home. you hold the Magnum MS4448( fits the check, though I’m not sure.

Finally, you would similar to to couple 7 of these eco-home solar appetite systems together in sequence to gain upon appetite pity for the some-more arguable as good as strong complement – generally given it is expected which during slightest 1-2 homes would not be assigned( they’re eighth month properties) during any given time. you hold which by burying Romex electrical lines in between the homes as good as joining any homes’ bank of batteries would do this.. . scold? Then, only the single of these systems would be related to the appetite association to switch over once all batteries have been emptied – given the assign would be uniformly diluted opposite all homes… . correct?

I would make use of locally-bought marine-grade batteries for storing charges in any eco-dome. I’m not certain how most batteries or what sort. you would wish any 2, 000 sq.ft . eco-home to be as self-sustaining as probable upon solar appetite. Assuming the limit appetite pull of 500KWhs per home per month, what tools do you need ? ( I’m seeking during the website: for tools to import)