Vital To Know The Mechanism Of Homocysteine Formation

We now know that homocysteine can now be converted to either SAMe or glutathione. Being too much in the body is toxic by its own nature, its accumulation is a sure sign of failure of the mechanism of methylation and sulphur-adding enzymes and it spells trouble.

Increased levels of methylation with increased SAMe, glutathione and vitamin B are good signs of low homocysteine and are disassociated with chronic diseases. Wouldn’t that be ideal? What about the feeling good irony? Do not make the same mistake of assuming that if you do not have the symptoms, you do not have homocysteine problems. Exactly like most of the serious medical illnesses such as coronary heart diseases, stroke and hypertension involving high homocysteine levels, it is often symptom-free at the early stages which is where lies the danger.

In any of such cases, lowering your H score with “intelligent” nutrient is one way and will be a priority. The accumulation of homocysteine in the body only affirms that enzymes, the chemical catalyst of all the bio-chemical transformation processes are not functioning properly and coordinating amongst themselves. it is a very complex form of induction as enzymes do not work alone to effect healthy levels of homocysteine. Enzymes have helpers known as co-factors which are primarily as follows:-

Enzymes (Cystathionine beta synthase & Cystathionine lyase) & Co-Factors (Vitamin B6, B2 and Zinc)
Enzyme (Homocysteine Methyltransferase & MTHFR) & Co-Factors (Vitamin B12, B2, Folate, Trimethylglycine or TMG and Zinc) Enzyme (SAMe synthase) & Co-Factors (Magnesium & ATP)

In assisting you to be stay chemically flexible, well-methylated and in the best possible physical and mental health, the B vitamins is amongst the co-factors that “intelligently” choreograph the homocysteine dance. Vitamin supplementation alone is insufficient, so is eating a balanced diet. You need methyl donors such as SAMe and TMG which can donate abundantly to the bodily chemical dance. Most importantly is re-test your H score regularly and diet reassessment. Reclogging of coronary arteries resulting in chest pains is a common phenomenon amongst heart-bypass patients. A case to point out here is many of such similar conditions patients would have been advised to ingest key homocysteine-lowering vitamins B and in particular, folate supplement in a thousand times more than the usual 15 mcg daily. You would be surprised that a re-test of the H score in such situations reveal continued high homocysteine levels. Supplementing with 6mcg of TMG is able to bring down the H score from 15 to 4 units goes to show just blindly supplementing with the big four vitamins B without H score re-testing and diet reassessment is bound to be a fatal mistake. Know your regimen; whether it is working for you or against you and know what next to do to overcome it if you want to stay and live healthily.

The question before you now is, “Are You Well Methylated?”. Though not necessarily the best “nutrient” to supplement with, SAMe is, however, very important to cell development functions. As a methyl donor in over 35 to 40 methylation chemical reactions involving the DNA (such as in DNA methylation in cancer development), proteins, catechol, phospholipids, amines and other neurotransmitters, SAMe is expensive and unstable in nature. TMG instead is a better choice for healthy living as a supplement as it is easily obtained naturally from choline found in fish and eggs of a non-vegetarian diet.