What to Pack for Babies at the Hospital

girls need newborn clothingBefore the baby is born, expecting parents should be packing a bag for the mother and perhaps the father as well, if he is going to be present at the birth and staying at the hospital with the mother. But they also need to pack a few things for the baby.
The hospital may supply the baby’s first blanket and onesie, but after that, it is up to the parents to supply what the baby needs. In most cases, the baby and mother will be at the hospital for a few days. They won’t be able to leave right after birth, and that is why it is important to have some things packed for the baby during its stay at the hospital.
Before they take the baby home, the parents will need to invest in a car seat that’s appropriate for the newborn. They can talk to their doctor about what kind of car seat to get for the baby, if they are not sure.
They should also have a few changes of clothes for the baby and some newborn diapers. They need to keep in mind that their baby may be a different size from the average baby, and plan their diaper buying accordingly.
They should bring a coat for the baby as well. This is especially necessary if the weather is cold. But they can take the coat off before placing the baby into the car seat. The coat is simply a precaution to keep the baby warm while transitioning from the hospital to the car, and it may not be necessary if the weather is nice or the baby is wrapped in a warm enough blanket.
The parents should also bring a blanket for the baby. They may not be able to take the hospital’s blanket home, so they should have one of their own.
If they need help in finding quality newborn baby girl clothes and baby boy clothes, they can use sites such as newborn baby girl clothes to do some online shopping. This allows them to peruse what’s available and find good deals by comparing prices between different companies online. They should focus on clothes that will be comfortable for the baby and that will be gentle on their skin but that provide a good fit and that fit with their budget.